Recruit Training (Boot Camp)

After enrolling in the program, all Cadets must attend a mandatory two-week recruit training session. These training sessions are taught at the Navy’s Recruit Training Command, at other naval bases or stations, and at regional recruit training sites using other military host resources. The curriculum of this training is approved by the U.S. Navy and standardized at all training sites. Cadets receive 106 hours of instruction, with a focus on the Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment. Both tone and tenor of instruction are modeled after the Navy’s recruit training.

Advanced Training

Advanced trainings are a requirement for promotion and advancement.

After successful completion of recruit training, Cadets may choose from a wide variety of advanced training opportunities that are nationally advertised by USNSCC headquarters. While recruit training is designed to familiarize cadets with Navy life and Navy-style discipline, advanced training focuses on military and general career fields and opportunities.

Advanced training opportunities include special offerings, such as:

Training opportunities are offered year-round. Visit for the most current list.


All Cadets are required to complete US Navy correspondence coursework to continue advancing in their Sea Cadet career. Go to Coursework to download the training manuals and assignments.